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What They Say

It’s always appreciated when fellow professionals as well as clients sing your praises. Over the years Malcolm Nicholl and the Balustrade team have notched up an impressive array of testimonials. Read what they say…a New York literary agent, a groundbreaking publisher, billion-dollar entrepreneurs, doctors, nutritionists, scientists, thought leaders, successful corporate leaders and individuals with remarkable life stories. 

“Not only is Malcolm a thorough-going professional, but he has that rare ability to re-create a subject’s voice and to accommodate a variety of personalities, essential traits for a valued ghostwriter.”

--Literary Agent Judith Weber, Sobel & Weber

“Malcolm is a pro. He has written books in his own name and ghosted (and much improved) others’ work. He’s also a marketer who has produced some of the best-crafted sales copy I’ve ever seen."

--Rob Shreeve, Founder and Managing Director, Virgin Publishing

“I was very impressed with Malcolm’s organizational skills, creativity and work ethics. He guided me whenever I felt lost and was always genuinely caring.”

--Reyzan Shali, M.D., author Teaming Up Against Cancer

“Malcolm’s ability to process information, willingness to pivot, and unwavering poise through challenges are only a few ways he has brought invaluable experience to our project.  Most importantly, his writing speaks for itself. So impressive.”

--LeeAna Theberg, Director of Purpose, Mabbly Inc.

“I never knew how eloquent I was until Malcolm edited my memoir. He is like a fine surgeon. He knows exactly when and where and how to cut. My manuscript got a new lease on life.”

--Cherie Hart, author Hollywood to Holy Wars

“Malcolm did an outstanding job editing and rewriting a non-fiction book until it became a professionally written page turner. He went above and beyond.”

--Michael Waddington, attorney, author Battlemind

“Superb job. Malcolm captured my voice perfectly and produced a highly-readable, entertaining and informative book.”

--Rob Friedman, owner of, $32 billion internet

marketing company, author Make it Happen

“If you haven’t experienced writing a book, just know, it is not for the faint of heart. Malcolm guided us toward a completed manuscript through our continued ideation and uncertainty.  We are forever grateful.”

--Adam Fridman, Founder, co-author The Science of Story

“Malcolm is a brilliant investigative writer and editor. He is professional, calm, easy to work with, and meets any deadline that is set.”

--Lisa Geng, co-author The Late-Talker: What to Do If

Your Child Isn’t Talking Yet

“Malcolm works hard, quickly and collaboratively and can quickly pick up on complicated concepts. He transformed my clunky prose. I highly recommend him.”

--B. Jacqueline Stordy, PhD, co-author, The LCP Solution:

The Remarkable Nutritional Treatment for ADHD,

Dyslexia & Dyspraxia

“Malcolm was invaluable…one of those unique people who is not only an incredible writer, but whose personality allows him to work collaboratively on challenging projects. We would not consider writing another book without his support.”

             --Hanlie van Wyk and Andrew Sykes,

authors The 11th Habit

“From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. I just finished reading it and I have tears of gratitude in my eyes. You captured everything I hoped for and more. God bless you, Malcolm.”

 --Venke Fehlis, author The Chief of Gestapo’s Daughter

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