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  •  Researching and ghostwriting  •  Editing and proofreading  •  Design and layout  
  •  Printing and publishing  •  Book proposals  •  Promotional items 

So you want to write a book?

Let the experts at The Balustrade Network guide you every step of the way.

Hardcover • Paperback • eBooks • Audio

We’ve done it all. Choose a package of services that work for you.

Have people always told you…

“You should write a book?”

Maybe you want to write about the exciting life you’ve lived? Or the successful business you’ve built? Or you’d like to produce a book that establishes you as an authority in your field of expertise? Maybe you dream of authoring a motivational, inspirational book?

It can seem daunting. Thoughts whirl around inside your brain. But turning those thoughts into sentences, paragraphs, and chapters is a different matter. Taking time away from your “day job” is harder than you thought.


Writing your book is just the beginning, of course. The journey to publication is an immense multi-faceted undertaking.

From concept to chapter outline, writing, editing, designing, printing and publishing, let The Balustrade Network and our team of seasoned professionals handle it all for you.

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“The Balustrade Network flawlessly executed a large, complicated project from conception through to publication. First class service every step of the way including writing, editing, design, translation and printing a hard cover memoir in four languages. We couldn’t be happier.” 

--Randy Ray, CEO Jeunesse Global Inc., author Mud Pies to Blue Skies: The Colorful Life of Randy Ray 

Let's Talk

If you’re serious about writing a book and understand it requires a serious financial commitment, we offer a free 30-minute consultation. Get an honest evaluation whether you wish to create an income stream, a solid reputation, or a legacy. 

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